Historical background of "Moldovatransgaz" LLC

In June 1965 was established the Construction Directorate of the Chisinau Gas Pipeline in accordance with the Order of Gas Industry Ministry of the USSR – Industrial Association for Gas Extraction in Ukraine (Ukrgazprom).

In 1967, the Chisinau Gas Pipeline Construction Directorate was reorganized and renamed as the Chisinau District Directorate of the USSR Gazprom Administration. In 1971, the Chisinau District Directorate was reorganized into a Line-Production Dispatching Station (LPDS) in Chisinau as production association "Kharkivtransgaz".

In 1975, the line-production dispatching station (LPDS) was renamed as the Line-Production Management of the Main Gas Pipelines of Chisinau (LPMMG). During the same year, the first electric gas compression station in Moldova, Tiraspol, came into operation, with the capacity of 20 MW. The construction of the Vulcanesti electric gas compression station with the same capacity was continued. In 1976, both stations supplied with natural gas the whole region of Moldova and several regions of Ukraine, as well as provided gas transportation to the countries of the Balkan region were established.

On June 2, 1987, the Drochia Gas Compression Station was incorporated under the newly created, Drochia line-production Management of the Production Association “Carpatianstransgaz”. On December 30, 1992, the Drochia line-production Management of the Production "Carpatianstransgaz" was reorganized into the Main Pipelines Republican Enterprise "Moldovatransgaz" within the Gasification Department of the Republic of Moldova.

On December 8, 1995, based on the Protocol No. 3 of the joint-stock company "Gaznabtransit", the Republican Enterprise of the main gas pipelines "Moldovatransgaz" was reorganized into a joint-stock company of closed type "Moldovatransgaz". On July 13, 1999, based on Decision N. 8 of the Supervisory Board of the Joint Stock Company "Moldovagaz", the closed joint-stock company "Moldovatransgaz" was reorganized into the limited liability company "Moldovatransgaz".

Currently, the Enterprise operates in 3 regions: Chisinau, Vulcanesti and Drochia, as well as the gas measuring station in Causeni.