EIC Code

  1. In order to associate and identify the participants to the natural gas market, the measurement, commercial points , as well as ensure the simplification of the procedure for changing the natural gas supplier and data electronic exchange between the participants to the natural gas market at the national level, the coding system recommended by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) is used.
    EIC codes are required for ENTSO-E, ENTSOG, and energy market participants to fulfill their obligations under applicable laws and regulations and are in line with Reference Manual with regards to the Energy Identification Coding Scheme (EIC), and approved by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).

  2. The EIC Code of the natural gas market participant are divided by groups represents the code, which identifies the participant in the natural gas market, including the consumer, connected to the natural gas network or the commercial point of measurement, that is used to determine the volume of natural gas, consumed by the participants in the natural gas market and for their mutual payments.

  3. The EIC encoding scheme is based on alphanumeric codes containing 16 characters. In figures from 01 to 15 are allowed numbers (0 to 9), uppercase letters (A to Z) (English alphabet), and minus sign (-). The check number (position 16) is intended to ensure the validity of the EIC code. The number verification algorithm is described in the EIC Implementation Guideline, which is available on the official website of the transmission system operator.

  4. The EIC code is issued by the transmission system operator, certified by ENTSO-E as the Local Issuing Office (LIO).

  5. The local issuing office is responsible for the correct and equitable allocation and maintenance of the EIC codes for the participants to the natural gas market of the Republic of Moldova.

  6. The EIC code is issued for applicants after the completed applications (forms), submitted to the Local Issuing Office. The requested information and the EIC code is published on transmission system operator official website . Only one EIC code should be assigned to each natural gas market participant and/or commercial point of measurement. The assigned EIC codes are unique and invariable.

  7. The local issuing office assigns for each applicant the EIC code, under the provisions of the given chapter. The procedure takes 5 working days since receipt of the application, from the participant of the natural gas market.

  8. Each local issuing office must have a web page, where all the EIC codes assigned by it will be published. The details provided in the publication comply with the Law on the protection of personal data.

  9. The local issuing office has the right to reject an application for obtaining an EIC code to a natural gas participant if the data provided by the applicant is not true and does not correspond to the established form.

  10. The EIC code is assigning is free of charge.