Balancing activities in Republic of Moldova balancing area:

In order to ensure natural gas efficient transmission system in Republic of Moldova balancing area, the Balancing Entity will have the following functions:

1) balancing within the balancing area of the Republic of Moldova;

2) registration of the Responsible Part for Balancing and concluding balancing contracts;

3) concluding cooperation agreements with Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators within balancing area of the Republic of Moldova;

4) procurement of Short-term Standardized Products and balancing services through transparent and non-discriminatory contracts;

5) cooperation with trading platform operators to facilitate the development of natural gas market;

6) establishing the payment for neutrality procedure;

7) continuous receipt, correlation and confirmation of commercial notifications from the Responsible Part for Balancing to the Virtual Transaction Point;

8) redirection of non-daily measurement forecasts, received from Distribution System Operators to Balancing Responsible Part;

9) initiation of balancing actions (operational balancing), depending on the needs of the Transmission System Operator, including the calculation of effective natural gas flows at each interconnection points between the Transmission System Operators within the Republic of Moldova balancing area;

10) to offer access to information for the Balancing Responsible Part to check the allocated capacities and imbalances;

11) trading balancing portfolios, in particular the determination of imbalances, the costs of removing imbalances, payments for imbalances and other similar financial settlements;

12) to establish monthly network accounts balances;

13) to offer information on transparency on the wholesale market in Republic of Moldova balancing area according to the provisions of Natural Gas Market Rules.