The technical supervision activity of the Inspection and expertise on industrial safety

The technical supervision, in the process of performing by a contractor the construction works, capital repair, or modernization of the objects of our company, is performed to ensure the quality of the works according to the requirements of the project and the normative-technical documents.

The person responsible for the technical supervision of an object under construction has the following obligations:

  1. Monitoring the correctness and observance of the terms for the contractor to verify the quality of the materials, their compliance with the certificates and passports issued by the manufacturer, and with the requirements of the normative-technical documents;
  2. Verification of the performance by the contractor of the measures necessary to comply with the rules for storage of materials (pipes, fittings, taps, insulating material);
  3. Verification of the contractor's compliance with the consistency of the technological operations, their quality, when carrying out the construction works of the object, following the requirements of the project and the normative-technical documents;
  4. Checking the quality of the works performed and their reception;
  5. Monitoring the observance of the schedule of works;
  6. The joint reception with the contractor of the hidden works, the control of which during the performance of other stages is not possible;
  7. Coordination of the work of inspection bodies in the field of non-destructive testing, subcontractors, or other services involved in construction work by the sponsor;
  8. Working with the person responsible for drafting the execution project, to make the necessary changes to the project;
  9. Monitoring and verification of the work of the preliminary stages or the final stage of pressure tests;
  10. Verification of the execution documentation of the finished object, the instructions for the execution of the pressure tests, the technological books for the execution of the works, presented by the contractor;
  11. Participation in the state commission for the reception of the finished object.

In the last 10 years, the staff of the department has been involved in the monitoring activity in carrying out construction works for the following objects:

  1. Main gas pipeline Razdelinaia-Izmail, D = 820mm, L = 92km;
  2. Main gas pipeline Ananiev-Tiraspol-Izmail, km 169.53, D = 1220mm, L = 300m;
  3. Main gas pipeline Balti-Ungheni, D = 530, 325, 219mm, L = 84.63km;
  4. Interconnection gas pipeline Gas delivery station (DS) Telenesti, D = 108mm, L = 27,241km;
  5. Interconnection gas pipeline DS Carpineni, D = 159mm, L = 25.57km;
  6. Interconnection gas pipeline DS Cantemir, D = 159, 219mm, L = 31.4km;
  7. Interconnection gas pipeline DS Comrat, D = 219mm, L = 15,932km;
  8. Interconnection gas pipeline Cimislia-Hincesti, D = 219mm, L = 1,613km;
  9. Main gas pipeline Odessa-Chisinau, D = 530mm, L = 12.9km;

Overhaul of the insulation layer:

• Odessa-Chisinau gas pipeline, D = 530mm, L = 6850m;

• Chisinau-Ribnita gas pipeline, D = 530mm, L = 5000m.

The specialists of the Inspection and expertise on industrial safety possess adequate technical knowledge and the necessary experience to fulfill its functions in this field. The professionals involved in the activity of technical supervision are certified by the commission created within the specialized training centers, in whose composition a representative of the state control and technical supervision body is obligatorily included. The attestation takes place once every 36 months.