On July 22, 2021 marks 45 years since the Vulcanesti Compressor Station was founded

The company "Moldovatransgaz" LLC includes 3 production sectors: Drochia, Chisinau and Vulcanesti.

The Vulcanesti gas compression station (CS Vulcanesti) was put into operation on July 22, 1976.

To ensure the efficient natural gas transmission services and secure transit through the southern part of the Republic of Moldova, 45 years ago was decided to put into operation the strategic sector for the gas transmission system - CS Vulcanesti, which ensures natural gas transmission through RI-SDKRI pipeline (Dn-800). The RI and SDKRI gas pipelines are mostly located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, periodically intersecting Ukraine, and the ATI pipeline which mainly passes through Ukraine territory and partially crosses the Republic of Moldova territory. ATI is considered the main pipeline that exports gas through our country.

The main gas pipelines that operates in the southern region of the Republic of Moldova - ATI, RI, SDСRI, and CS Vulcanesti ensure the gas transmission to the countries of Balkan region, including the gas supply to the consumers in the southern region of the Republic of Moldova.

CS Vulcanesti, with a total capacity of 20 MW is considered the main gas transmission station in Republic of Moldova. This compressor station operates the condensation of the natural gas by means using electric motors STD – 4000, with a total power of 20.0 MW at theproductivity of 8 billion cubic meters/year. By this means, regular and uninterrupted maintenance of this station is constantly required. It is worth mentioning that 17 Gas Delivery Stations operate within the CS Vulcanesti.

The head of the Vulcanesti linear production site, Ilia Mincov, emphasizes "nowadays, all the measures are taken to maintain and carry out the routine works regarding the installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment, including electrical, automated or mechanical. Therefore, we protect our employees and, in case the compressor station does not work at the moment, our engineers work partly for the dispatch center. The engineers collect information from the Delivery Stations belonging to CS Vulcanesti, then, their send it to the Chisinau Dispatch Center."

As the RI and SDKRI gas pipelines pass through the territory of Moldova, then intersect Ukraine and then return back to Moldovan territory of, an important jobfor the employees of the Vulcanesti production site is manage the specialised equipment that is located on the Ukraine territory, although the portion of the gas pipeline is managed by "Moldovatransgaz" LLC. Consequently, every year, the employees, responsible for the maintenance of the equipment, receive a special permit that allows them freely to cross the border with neighbor Ukraine.

Note, that our company and especially SCS Vulcanesti is moving to a new level of service, especially regarding the cathodic protection stations. If until now, only the human factor had the possibility to manage the site, in the nearest future, everything is expected to be automated.