Vitali Iacovlev - 34 years of loyalty to Moldovatransgaz

Engineers, highly qualified specialists in the field of the natural gas transmission industry have long been the true treasure of building gas transmission networks in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, our company will always express its respect and veneration to veterans in this area of strategic importance for our country.

Vitali Iacovlev is one of the leading specialists of our company. A graduate of the College of Oil and Gas Industry of Odesa (1984) and the University of European Studies in Moldova, Faculty of Law (2010), Vitali Iacovlev began his professional career at a company in Ukraine as a locksmith, measuring and control devices. Then he returned to the Republic of Moldova, Drochia city, where he started his career at Moldovatransgaz, then "The Republican Enterprise for gas pipelines". Thus, for a period of 5 years, he worked as a machinist at technological compressors, and from 1992 to 1997 he worked as an engineer at the Gas Distribution station, subsequently, for 1 year he was the head of the operation department of natural gas pipelines of "Moldovatransgaz" LLC based in Drochia.

Since 1998, Vitali Iacovlev holds the position - Head of the Chisinau Linear Production Site of "Moldovatransgaz" LLC.

In 2005, thanks to the dedication, diligence, and a very good working team, the head of the Chisinau Linear Production Site was awarded "Civic Merit", then - Second Degree Diploma from the Government of the Republic of Moldova "for conscientious and impeccable work, exemplary execution of the duties of the devotion of his activity, in the situation of energy crisis from January 2009". In 2012, Vitali Iacovlev was awarded the honorary diploma of JSC "Moldovagaz" "for the merits obtained through the development of the gas branch"; in 2014 he received from the Government a third-degree diploma "for long and prodigious work, achievements in professional activity, as well as on the occasion of" Gas Worker's Day "and the 15th anniversary of the founding of JSC "Moldovagaz". In addition to these merits, Mr. Iacovlev's record also includes diplomas of thanks for active participation, organization, and hard work.

Having worked for the company for more than 34 years, Vitali Iacovlev went through many reorganizations and remembers that: "one of the most difficult times at work was the period when the Soviet Union fell apart/was shattered, because 3 years earlier a lot of specialists from "Gazprom" (Russia) came to Moldova and held positions of responsibility, and once the Union disintegrated, they left and left the company in a deep staff crisis. Moreover, the material base of the company at that time was in Ivano-Frankivsk (now Ukraine), and with the disintegration, all the material objects of the company, even the cars remained there".

Although hard times have passed, the head of the Chisinau Linear Production Site also remembers the productive periods of the enterprise: „since 2002, the National Gasification Program of the Republic of Moldova was initiated, then the investment plan for the re-equipment of the Distribution Stations of "Moldovatransgaz" LLC was achieved, which continues even now. The implementation of the Energy Package III is also taking place, which is also underway."

During the activity, Vitali Iacovlev recommended himself as a competent specialist, a leader, and organizer with initiative, and the knowledge and experience gained over the years is transmitted to colleagues to facilitate the work process within the company.