Iurie Dolghier - on the responsibility of being the director of the largest transmission system operator in Republic of Moldova

The professional, managerial and life experience of a leader of a strategic importance for the Republic of Moldova energy security is a key element for successful development and alignment with the standards of the Third Energy Package of the operator "Moldovatransgaz" LLC. Our company is pleased to present Mr. Iurie Dolghier, one of the prominent leaders and highly qualified specialists in the field of natural gas transmission system, with multilateral and fruitful experience of almost 28 years in gas management area.

Iurie Dolghier started his professional activity at Moldovatransgaz as a metrology engineer. He was the first specialist to accurately record natural gas flow (previously it had been measured with Cartogram equipment) by installing modern equipment, including electronic Super Flow measuring equipment; organizing the working process of the metrology department and laid the foundations of natural gas metrology in Republic of Moldova.

Subsequently, after 5 years, in 1999 he was transferred to the position of Head of Metrology Department at JSC "Moldovagaz". For 13 years, Mr. Dolghier has promoted corporate policy in metrology area, administration and coordination of metrology activity on the company structural level. He also organized the accurate gas records at the entry-exit points from the country's borders and consumers; coordinated and implemented new measurement technologies and equipment ue to thenew legislation; ensured the implementation of modern legal metrology at all enterprises belonging to JSC "Moldovagaz", including distribution; participated in the cross-checking as a specialist, to clarify the divergences between the supplier and the consumer, participated in the reception of all gas measuring stations: Ananiev, Alexeevka, Orlovka, Grebeniki and Causeni.

Simultaneously with the activity within JSC "Moldovagaz", Iurie Dolghier obtained a B.Sc., specializing - Metrology, standards, control and production certification, later graduated from another institution, obtaining the Diploma of requalification in the field of Engineering of natural fuel gas supply systems (2010), and later became a Licensed Administrator at the Academy of Public Administration.

In 2014, Mr. Dolghier was appointed as Administrator of the State Enterprise "Vestmoldtransgaz" (now "Vestmoldtransgaz" LLC). During the management of the company were implemented two projects of public utility and major importance for our country in which the goal of ensuring the energy security of the Republic of Moldova was achieved by diversifying the sources: "Pipeline interconnection of the natural gas transmission system in Romania with the natural gas transmission system in the Republic of Moldova in the direction of Iasi-Ungheni" and "Construction of the natural gas transmission pipeline in the direction of Ungheni-Chisinau". Iurie Dolghier, together with the team, was responsible for the execution of each stage of the projects: feasibility studies, negotiation and project drafting and elaboration, obtaining permits, construction and commissioning of infrastructure objectives.

The activity of promoting the State interests within the enterprise, the corporate management strategy and the perseverance he showed as administrator of SE "Vestmoldtransgaz" determined the awarding of Mr. Iurie Dolghier with the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova.

After the privatization of "Vestmoldtransgaz", Iurie Dolghier was invited to the system of JSC "Moldovagaz", being appointed Director of the company "Moldovatransgaz" LLC.

In almost 2 years of activity as director, Mr. Dolghier elaborates, promotes and implements main proposals on the operations, development and efficiency of the enterprise activity; organizes the implementation of personnel strategies, ensures and manages the process of legal and functional separation of the enterprise according to the provisions of the law on natural gas and EU standards in the energy field.

"Currently there are 2 priority objectives for the company: alignment with the provisions of the Energy Package III, including: unbundling, creation and implementation of the Balancing Entity, adjustment and diversification of the spectrum of services provided by the company and liberalization of the gas market", says Director "Moldovatransgaz" LLC, Iurie Dolghier. For this purpose, at the end of 2020 a new structure was created within the company - the Commercial and Policy Department, responsible for creating and promoting development policies according to European standards in the field.

The director of "Moldovatransgaz" LLC assures us that the company is fully prepared to complete the implementation of the Energy Package III, but, although maximum effort is made to achieve these objectives, we find circumstances that delay the process and do not depend on the company's management.

The Director also stated that “the liberalization of the natural gas transmission segment in the Republic of Moldova means increasing the transparency of opening access to the natural gas transmission system for all system users. The evolution of legislative and normative provisions addresses free access to natural gas transportation and the elimination of barriers by simplifying pre-contractual capacity reservation procedures, including the establishment of competitive transport tariffs, adjusted to the South East Europe region." These aspects are important for the Republic of Moldova in order to plan the integration with the markets within the Energy Community, the diversification of supply sources, including the negotiation of natural gas imports in the West direction. "Currently we have signed 14 contracts with Traders from different countries, including Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain and others. Overall, liberalization will benefit the final consumer by increasing the number of suppliers on the natural gas market, thus increasing competitiveness, which in turn will increase the quality of services, transparency and supply of the country with an optimal price for natural gas." added Iurie Dolghier.

Therefore, we can say with certainty, "Moldovatransgaz" LLC now has a technocrat-director who promotes the company interests, employees and most importantly, listens to the proposals of employees, analyzes them and makes decisions weighing all points of view. Thus, Mr. Dolghier proved to be a specialist of high rank, professional, honest leader and a good manager.