Repair work on a section of the ACB main pipeline

Following the planned diagnostic works of the pipeline segment Ananiev-Chernivtsi-Bogorodceny (ACB), operated by “Moldovatransgaz” LLC at the 573.6 km line, fixing up the identified defects. In order to fix up the malfunction, the decision was taken to replace 75 m of the pipeline. To minimize the interruption time of gas transmission through the given segment and respectively the period of consumers disconnection during the execution of works, preventively repair works were performed in which the part of the pipe to be replaced was welded and checked.

The sectioning works of the ACB segment between the sectioning valve (SV) 560 (km 560) - SV 584 (km 584) was started on September 14 at 6:00 am. At the same time, the “0” valve was closed to the Pervomaisc and DS Șuri Gas Delivery Station. On the same day, starting from 06:20 to 07:25, the gas was evacuated from the given pipelinesegment, and the gas supply of the center and north of the Republic of Moldova was carried out from the Grebeniki Gas Measuring Station (GMS) through the main pipelines: Tocuz-Cainari-Mereni and Chisinau-Ribnita. Consumers, located between SV 584 and GMS Alexeevca, were supplied with gas from the technological portion of the given pipeline segment.

Thus, from the starting point, the following activities were performed on the pipe with a diameter of 1000mm and a length of 75m:

- embankment works;

- dismantling and lifting the from the ditch of malfunction segment;

- laying the new segment in the ditch;

- centering, fixing and welding of the joints;

- non-destructive welding verification;

- isolation works.

The repair works were performed non-stop (24/3) as an advance of the default schedule. The work process involved highly qualified engineers and specialists from "Moldovatransgaz" LLC, provided with proper equipment, food, water and places of rest by the company's administration.

The necessary operational and technological switching is carried out in close cooperation between the Dispatch Center of „Moldovatransgaz” LLC, the Dispatch Department of the Transmission System Operator of Ukraine and the Dispatch Services of the gas distribution companies „Floresti-Gaz” LLC and „Edinet- Gaz” LLC.

It is worth to mention that, thanks to the periodic diagnosis with modern equipment and devices, and of course of the good work of "Moldovatransgaz" LLC professionals it was possible to detect and locate early critical defects on the ACB main line at 573.6 km. Thus, a possible breakdown and disconnection from the natural gas network of the consumers of the Republic of Moldova was prevented.