Dear Moldovatransgaz’s partners and natural gas consumers,

Considering that on October 13, 2021 the Commission for Exceptional Situations found an alert status on the Republic of Moldova’s natural gas market, as well as the fact that "Moldovatransgaz" LLC is designated responsible for managing this status, we inform you of the following:

- In order to overcome the alert status, the emergency measures plan was drawn up and implemented by all natural gas market participants;

- At this stage, all preventive and emergency measures are taken, established in the Emergency Plan, to ensure the security of gas supply of the Republic of Moldova. The measures in place will be reviewed depending on the evolution of the situation on the natural gas market, and the protected consumers will be provided with natural gas without interruption.

- Moldovatransgaz as a transmission system operator strives to keep the transport networks in operation and to ensure the continuity of natural gas transmission in accordance with the contracts concluded with all network users. Our company also guarantees the takeover and transportation of natural gas additional volumes provided by suppliers.

Note that the natural gas market in our country is liberalized, and Moldovatransgaz LLC offers free and non-discriminatory access to its transmission networks. We are open for collaboration with any network user / trader / supplier who wants to transport natural gas both to the consumers of the Republic of Moldova and in transit. Concluding a natural gas transport services contract is very simple and can be done in short terms (1-2 days). The information necessary to conclude a contract with Moldovatransgaz LLC can be accessed on the company's website:, in the "For Clients" section.

The Moldovatransgaz team makes the necessary effort to manage the alert status from the gas sector and is sure that this situation will be overcome soon.

For futher information please contact us at the following telephone number: +373 22 300 491.